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Exploring the Partner commission information panel

Partner commission information


The panel displays your current partner level, the next and final partner levels available to you. Clicking on the partner level will display the partner reward structure for all account types. You can also switch to a different partner level to check the qualification criteria.


Fixed commission per lot


This section presents the main trading accounts types and the maximum payout of partner commission in USD that can be received from these account types.

Clicking “Check instrument group” provides a table of the exact rewards given based on the exact instrument. The table displays the potential reward you could receive if you upgrade to the next partner levels.

Commission Qualification Period

This area displays a timeframe covering the last 3 calendar months, which is a floating time period with qualification checks occurring on the 1st day of each month. “Days left” show the exact amount of days until the end of the boost period. After the boost period is over “Days left” show the exact amount of days until your next qualification.


Qualification criteria

A progress indicator that displays the trading volume of your clients for the period specified in the qualification period. It displays progress to confirm the current level or reach the next level. When you meet the requirements to reach the next level, you will be promoted to the next partner level.

When do partner levels change?

Whenever you qualify for the next partner level, it will automatically update the very next day. If goals not being met results in a downgrade, it will occur on the first day of the following month.

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