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Hey partner! Now receive up to 16 USD!

 – 2015/12/7
Dear clients!

Monday starts with an amazing news for our super partners!
Just read the changes that open you the whole world of new opportunities to earn more while being JustMarkets partner:

1 – Now, instead of 15 USD per lot which was maximum you could get, you have the opportunity to receive up to 16 USD per lot!
2 – Besides, it has become much easier to reach the top level. Your clients just need to make 150.01 lots in order for you to reach the 16 USD per lot (remember, it used to be 300 lots that they had to trade).
3 – Plus to this, you receive the increased partner revenue within the month! No need to wait for the additional revenue to be added on the first day of next month!

If you want see the whole table of the partner revenue, please visit this page.
Be the first partner to reach Diamond status!

Kind regards,
JustMarkets team