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Choose The Best Trader in JM Copytrading Service With New Trader's Expertise Indicator

 – 2023.02.14
Dear Clients!
We continue to see the growing popularity of our JustMarkets Copytrading service and receive positive feedback from our users.
In this regard, our team is excited to present to your attention the Trader's Expertise Indicator, which is already available in the JustMarkets Copytrading service!
This Indicator allows Investors to determine the Trader's strategy and choose the best conditions for copying them.
The calculation of a Trader's expertise is based on 3 main parameters as:
  • Trading days;
  • Trading volume;
  • Number of Investors.
Let's take a closer look at the list of available indicators and their descriptions:
  • Experts - are exceptional types of Traders who dedicate their lives to trading markets. They love what they are doing and have the best performance metrics with a proven successful strategy.
  • Professionals - are high class Traders. They have extensive experience in trading a large number of lots and making many trades. You can be sure they know what they are doing.
  • Advanced - are in the early career in JustMarkets Copytrading but already know what is what. A little more time, and they may increase their demands. They have great potential to become successful.
  • Experienced - are devoted Traders who actively build up their reputation. You can tell a lot about them by checking their history. They have a proven ability to make consistent income.
We are confident that this important update will not leave you indifferent and will help bring the user experience of our customers to a new level.
Do not hesitate to leave your feedback about the services and updates we provide. Feedback helps us understand what further actions need to be taken for optimal development in accordance with your requirements and desires.
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Best regards,
JustMarkets team