Forex Social Trading

Social trading

Earn on Forex without the experience of trading with the help of MQL5 signals. Copy the orders of professionals on your trading account.

  • Orders copying for subscribers

    Learn about the advantages of the JustMarkets social trading, which will help you become a successful trader and earn on Forex.

  • Signals transmission for providers

    If you are a successful trader and want to increase your income, then become a provider of signals and attract subscribers.

  • MQL5 signals rating

    Get acquainted with the rating and indicators of trading signals providers, choose the most successful ones, and start earning.

Social trading is a service that allows investors to follow the trading strategy and copy trades of professionals, which are also known as signal providers. The list of signal providers can be found in a special rating. Traders choose them based on various criteria: trading period, maximum drawdowns, best trades, profit factor. Top-ranked signals are displayed first in the list.

Usually, the actions of experienced Forex traders are used as a guide for beginners. It reduces the time for market research and analytics before trading on Forex. Social trading is useful for traders who have no time for training or making independent investment decisions.

Social trading works on the principle of a social network. On a trading network, traders share their ideas, post strategies, chat, while novice traders watch the trading results of professionals and discuss market situations online. Experienced traders also can benefit from social trading, as it allows them to become trade leaders and get additional profits, attracting more subscribers.

Conditions of copying transactions may vary. Usually, to connect the service, one should pay some fee. In some cases, it represents a commission for profitable transactions. In other cases, a trader pays a subscription for a specific period.

Why social trading is beneficial:
  • a way to take the first steps in trading – you get profit regardless of your trading skills;
  • the opportunity to earn for both parties – as a trader, you make a profit by providing signals, as an investor – by copying successful trades;
  • time-saving – you will not need to analyze the market and spend a lot of time on monitoring the market;
  • ease of use – social trading services are intuitive and user-friendly;
  • Multi-trading activitiese – you can subscribe to several signal providers, thereby diversifying your risks.

Social Trading in MetaTrader 4

MQL5 signals is a product from the developers of MetaTrader 4, which allows you to follow the signals of successful traders and copy their transactions directly from the MetaTrader terminal. Social trading in the MetaTrader platforms works simply: you choose and subscribe to the signals, and transactions are automatically displayed on your account.

To start subscribing, you need to register in the Then, go to the Tools tab and click Options → Community and enter your login and password to MQL5 account.

Note: To copy signals, your terminal should be constantly on! For this purpose, you can use a VPS server.

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