Clients' Funds Protection


JustMarkets is a reliable Forex broker which is trusted by millions of clients from different countries. At the moment we are one of the most popular brokers of Asia and we don't yield to the competitors in other regions.

The reliability of the company is an ability to meet the expectations of clients, excellent quality of work and services.

Reliability of JustMarkets:

  • Stability of

    Successful work of JustMarkets risk-management team ensures stable work of the company in any situation on the market. Even after the decision of the Central Bank of Switzerland about cancellation the upper limit of EUR/CHF, which has led to the financial problems of many Forex brokers due to the enormous volatility of this instrument.

  • Liquidity of the
    biggest banks

    Liquidity for JustMarkets company is provided by 18 biggest world banks. Moreover the clients of the company get only the best prices from the price float which is offered by these banks for the most beneficial orders.

  • Qualified

    JustMarkets staff members are high-level professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the financial area who are always ready to help and to provide qualified support to the clients.

  • Segregated

    The funds of JustMarkets clients are situated on the segregated bank accounts, which means that JustMarkets own funds and funds of the clients are separated.

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Every client should be sure that his funds and his personal information are kept securely while working with our company.

Guarantor of security are:

  • Data

    Data transfer via an SSL security connection with encryption of information helps to prevent the interception of user data by a third party while working with the website, no matter where you are.

  • Protection
    from negative

    JustMarkets company makes compensations of the clients’ losses that exceed the amount of funds on their trading accounts. This means that when negative balance takes place because of a sharp movement on the market, it will be set to zero in order to protect the clients from the unexpected losses.

  • International

    Internal procedures of the company are based on the PCI DSS security standard, which involves a complex approach to information security of the clients’ data.

  • Multilevel
    system of

    Infrastructure, which consists of multiple servers, supports uninterrupted work of the system. And a complex scheme of data backup helps to prevent loss of the clients’ information (personal data, history of commercial transactions, etc.) in any situation.

  • Data

    Data of users is protected not only while transferring between the company’s website and the browser, we also provide an encryption of all stored information that helps to prevent unauthorized access to the data of our clients.

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