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Even without a trading experience, you can automatically copy leading traders and benefit from their success
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  • No trading knowledge or experience required

  • Diversify portfolio to get a stable income

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    Create and replenish your Investor Wallet

    Sign up to JustMarkets and replenish your Investor Wallet via any payment method you like. You can transfer funds to your Investor Wallet using an internal transfer if you already have money on one of your JustMarkets accounts.

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    Copy the best traders

    Find Traders you want to invest in and click "Start copying." Their trades will be copied automatically. Diversify your portfolio with different strategies.

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    Monitor and get profit

    Go to Investor Area and check your gain indicator, edit, or stop the copying process at any time. Copy as many Traders as you want, and receive a stable income.

JustMarkets Copytrading allows you to copy other traders and benefit from their success.
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Benefits of joining JustMarkets Copytrading
  • Keep everything under control
    Start and stop copying, increase and reduce investments – the copying process is under your control.
  • Quick and secure deposit and withdrawal
    Choose from a variety of payment methods to deposit and withdraw your funds.
  • Protect your investments
    If the market goes against the Trader you’re copying, our Investment Protection mechanism puts copying on hold so that you won’t lose anything.
  • Fast order execution
    Your order is executed in less than 1 second after the original one.
How do I choose a Trader?

The Trader's rating in the Leaderboard is based on the gain indicator that shows how successful the Trader's strategy is. Using this indicator, you can choose the most successful Trader to invest with.

How to choose Traders to copy?

Trader's stats include performance and number of Investors, commission, trading pairs the Trader uses, profit factor, order directions, and many other elements that you can review before making your decision to copy someone. Before starting, you set a deposit percentage and choose the amount to invest with a specific Trader.

What is Copy Mode option for Investors?

Choosing «Copy Mode» allows Investor start copying trades by specifying the copying orders proportion in Equal (x1), Double (×2), Triple (×3), or any other Custom volume, both up and down. In case when Investor's copying trade volume becomes less than minimal required of 0.01 lot - the trade will be opened on minimal required volume.
Example 1: Investor set Double (×2) multiplier and one lot trade is opened on the Trader Account. The volume of the copied trade will be: 1 lot x 2 multiplier = 2 lot.
Example 2: Investor set Custom (×0.5) multiplier and one lot trade is opened on the Trader Account. The volume of the copied trade will be: 1 lot x 0.5 multiplier = 0.5 lot.

Add Support Funds - protect your investment from unexpected market movements by adding support funds to be used to support trading strategy when the market fluctuates.

Minimum investment - automated algorithmic calculation of minimum trading amount which takes Maximum trader margin within the last 7 days as a basis for calculation.

Do you charge any commission for copying Traders?

JustMarkets doesn’t charge any additional commission, but you pay Trader’s commission, which is specified individually as a percentage of your profit. The commission is charged in USD.

Can I stop copying the Trader?

You can unsubscribe from a Trader and stop copying the trades at any moment. When you unsubscribe, all funds invested in the Trader and any profit from copying this Trader are returned to your Investor Wallet.

Before unsubscribing, please make sure all current trades are closed.

Benefit from being copied
Let others copy your trades and get an additional income
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