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  • Step into a community of top-performing traders

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Not only for registered traders. Even if you are new on JustMarkets, open an account and unveil the benefits of copy trading in a few minutes.
Here’s how:
  • 01.
    Create an MT4 account for copy trading

    You can create a Standard or Pro MT4 account or use the existing account if you already have one.

  • 02.
    Set up an account according to your strategy

    Set minimum and maximum amounts, commission, and describe your trading strategy to attract valid Investors.

  • 03.
    Trade as usual and have a benefit from that

    Go to Trader Area for detailed statistics of your account, the number of investors you have, and your overall performance.

JustMarkets Copytrading allows you to get an additional income. Simply set up your account and let others copy your trades.
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Benefits of joining JustMarkets Copytrading
  • Account per strategy
    Set up different accounts for different strategies
  • Stay on track
    See detailed statistics for all your accounts in Trader Area
  • Additional stable income
    Enjoy the benefits of additional stable income from being copied
How can I become a Trader?

Any JustMarkets client with an MT4 account can become a Trader. Just go to your Trader Area and set up your Trader Account.

How do I adjust the commission I charge my Investors?

Go to your Trader Area, view Settings, adjust the commission using the slider, and save changes. The new commission will only be charged from the Investors who subscribed to you after the adjustment. For all other Investors, the commission remains unchanged.

When do I get commission payments from my Investors?

Payouts are made on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. (EET) every week.

When is the commission charged to my Investors?

The commission is charged on Saturdays for closed orders.

How do I get the commission?

We transfer it to special Trader Wallet. From your Trader Wallet, you can transfer it to any of your trading accounts, or withdraw it.

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