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Bonuses Available For Pro Accounts and Updated Bonus Program Rules

 – 2019.12.12
Dear JF Traders!

We are constantly improving the JustMarkets infrastructure, and today we are finally able to announce an update to JustMarkets Bonus Program!

Not only are we introducing new, fairer rules to the different trading instruments, we are also expanding it to include the Pro accounts. Yes, you read it right – you can now get a bonus for your deposit on the Pro accounts!

Changes to the Bonus Program

From now on, an updated trading formula is applied to provide fair trading conditions not only for FX currency pairs but for all trading instruments available to all account types – including commodities, indices, futures, stock, etc.

Please, note that the value of a lot in this new formula is defined as "the volume equal to 100,000 USD". The formula itself is:

< Number of Lots > = < Bonus amount, USD > / 3
Here is an example:

You have deposited 500 USD and received a 575 USD bonus. To move this bonus from the "Credit" wallet to the "Balance" wallet, you need to trade 191.6 lots first – which means 19,160,000 USD of the trading volume.

You have currently traded 2 lots of USD/CHF and 2 lots of USD/JPY. Since USD is the base currency in these pairs, the value of a lot for them is 100,000 USD. You have traded exactly 400,000 USD of the trading volume or 4 lots.

You have also traded 8 lots of EUR/USD at 1.11000. Since USD is the traded currency in this pair, the value of a lot is 100,000 multiplied by the current price of the pair during the trade. In this case, it’s 111,000 USD per lot. You have traded 888,000 USD of the trading volume or 8.88 lots.

However, you have also traded 100 lots of Ford stock. The value of a lot on the stock market is calculated using the asset’s current price in USD. At the moment, it was 8.70 USD, which makes 100 lots worth 870 USD or 0.0087 lots.

Overall, you have traded 1,288,870 USD in volume or 12.88 lots. To withdraw your bonus of 575 USD, you need to trade another 17,871,130 USD or roughly 178.2 lots.

Please consider these changes when making deposits and requesting bonuses in the future!