Forex education for trading


If you are a novice on the Forex market, then the "Education" section is perfect for you. Learn Forex trading with our free educational materials.

  • Forex Articles

    A complete list of JustMarkets training articles devoted to the topic of Forex: What is Forex? Trading platforms, trade psychology and so on.

  • Forex Glossary

    Use our glossary to learn Forex concepts, phrases, and terms which traders use.

  • Educational Video

    Get acquainted with a series of videos to learn more about the Forex market, tools and platforms in the foreign exchange market, trading Forex strategies.

  • Currencies

    USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD and other world currencies: names, symbols, and codes.

Education is the basis

Financial markets are built on the principle of getting income on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of assets. A universal asset is a currency. Even those who have never dreamed of earning on the exchange market know that a currency can be sold profitably during its price growth or it can be bought profitably while falling.

The successful trader is the one who is always aware of market trends, is ready to act and has the necessary theoretical knowledge of the exchange market. So, online trading on Forex is impossible without proper education. Practice and studying are the basis for profitable trading, as every deal needs experience and skills.

The Internet is full of unnecessary information. There are a lot of different courses, webinars, books, lessons about Forex and much more. But still not all of them are proper and useful for your education. You should select materials very carefully, especially if they are paid.

JustMarkets education

In order you don’t get confused in all these data, JustMarkets provides the best online free educational materials for you. Here you’ll find several sections with useful content.

Start your education with the Forex Glossary section. All the necessary terminology of the Forex market is collected here. You’ll get to know what is arbitrage, diversification, gap, liquidity and so on. Of course, you won’t remember all these terms at once, but keep them close at hand to get the point.

Next, move to the section of Forex Articles. Here you will find the best useful articles both for newbies and professional traders. This section will help you to improve your knowledge about the Forex market. If you are a beginner, then start from the first article there – Features of Forex market hours. This article describes the main trading sessions on Forex, their time of work and their features. In addition to this, there are a lot of useful articles about what is online Forex market in general, how to start trading, what psychology a trader should have, how to apply in trading such indicators as Awesome Oscillator and EMA, how to earn money with partnership programs and much more.

In Educational Video section you may watch videos about trading signals in the Metatrader ⅘ trading terminal, their features, statistics and installation. The Currencies section keeps information about all the world currencies, their names, symbols, and countries of usage.

All the materials in JustMarkets Education section are provided for free. So, everything is in your hands. Just pump up your skills and start profitable trading with JustMarkets!

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