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JustMarkets Copytrading Service Introduces New Copy Mode Settings

 – 2023.02.20
Dear Clients!
Our development team continues to improve the JustMarkets Copytrading Service to make subscribing to a Trader's strategy easier, more transparent, and more secure. We have completely redesigned the logic and updated the parameters you can set when copying your preferred Trader strategy. We are very happy to share with you the results of our work!
Copy Mode:
When starting a subscription to a Trader's strategy, you can choose to copy orders in several modes:
  • Equal (×1),
  • Double (×2),
  • Triple (×3),
  • Other volumes.
You can change the value as you want, both up and down. By selecting Copy Mode, you will see the investment required to start copying this Trader in this mode.
Support funds:
We also offer you to use the new function - support funds to protect your investment from unexpected market movements. The added funds will only be used to support the trading strategy during market fluctuations.
Minimum investment:
Now, for each Trader, the minimum investment amount is calculated automatically. Our algorithm calculates this optimal amount based on the Trader's trading history. You can take advantage of this feature and choose Traders depending on how much you want to invest.
Traders use various trading strategies that require different minimum investments to copy them. Go to the Leaderboard, fill in the desired investment amount in the "Minimum investment amount" filter, and view Traders whose strategies you can comfortably copy with your investments.
For more information on how to start copying trades from professional traders, read our website's Copy traders and profit section. To find out how to connect your trading account to the JustMarkets Copytrading service so that others start copying your trades for a fee, go to the section Get copied. Get paid.
Best regards,
JustMarkets team