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New Risk Score feature for the JustMarkets Copytrading service

 – 2022.07.26

Dear clients,

We are pleased to inform you about launching a new Risk Score feature for the JustMarkets Copytrading service. This feature allows Investors to see how risky each Trader's strategy is and choose a Trader either by strategy or profit.

The Risk Score is calculated on a scale from 1 to 10 points:

  • Risk 1-3 (green) is the lowest risk. The Trader uses a more stable, long-term strategy with minimal risk. Typically, it's a strategy with the lack of trading during news release periods (during high volatility) and without opening large volumes (relative to the size of the current account balance).
  • Risk 4-7 (yellow) is the medium risk. Moderate drawdowns and loading of the deposit are allowed. The average volume of transactions is mainly used.
  • Risk 8-10 (red) is the highest risk. The Trader uses an aggressive trading strategy, a high deposit load, and often trades during news time. Usually, the Trader does not adhere to any specific trading strategy.

We use a special algorithm for calculating Risk Score. It depends on the following parameters: maximum drawdown, maximum deposit loading value, and selected leverage.

All Traders on the Leaderboard are sorted by Risk Score by default - the less risky Traders are at the top. You can find the Risk Score on the Leaderboard and each Trader's public page.

Investors can choose the Trader that best suits their preferences by paying attention to the Risk Score.

For more information on how to start copying trades from professional traders, read the "Copy traders and profit" section of our website. To find out how to connect your trading account to the JustMarkets Copytrading service so that others start copying your trades for a fee, go to the section "Get copied. Get paid."

Best regards,
JustMarkets team