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Results of the Lucky Ticket Lottery

 – 2018.07.17
Dear clients,

Our Lucky Ticket Lottery has finished and we are ready to announce the winners!

Under the terms of the promotion, anyone could receive his lucky ticket for every 5 lots of the trading volume made. Today, we have randomly determined 15 winners of the promotion. So, they are:

1st – sam who gets 500 USD
2d – Dilruk who gets 250 USD
3d – Ardian who gets 250 USD
4th – Spunkie who gets 100 USD
5th – Hartoyo who gets 100 USD
6th – luqman who gets 100 USD
7th – 169975 who gets 50 USD
8th – candra-turbofx who gets 50 USD
9th – Kamaruzzaman who gets 50 USD
10th – Damon who gets 50 USD
11th – skorkmaz who gets 20 USD
12th – Eldiablo82 who gets 20 USD
13th – GATE who gets 20 USD
14th – SilentFx who gets 20 USD
15th – deylo who gets 20 USD

We send our warmest wishes to the winners and feel grateful to all participants! Have a profitable trading.

Best regards,
JustMarkets team