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Correction of negative balances of customers

 – 2015.01.22
Dear JustMarkets clients,

JustMarkets team would like to comment the situation after the decision of the Central Bank of Switzerland, about cancellation the upper limit of the Swiss franc against the euro.

Date 15/01/2015 has already gone down in history as "Black Thursday", as a large number of traders on the market have received substantial losses. Moreover, a negative balance has formed on the trading accounts of our customers. Common practice of some brokers is the requirement for customers, who has left in the negative, to compensate for losses.

The comfort of our customers and their confidence in the integrity of the company stand on the first place for us. That is why we do not require our customers to compensate the amount of money gone negative.

In our opinion, the compensation of the negative balance is a normal practice. We intend to continue to remain on the side of the customers and provide excellent services and working conditions in the foreign exchange market.

Kind regards,
JustMarkets team