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Everything about Subpartner program

Subpartner program - this is a program that allows partners to receive additional rewards for the fact that their customers become partners.

Subpartner commission - 10%.


  • The Subpartner program is available only for partners with IB status.
  • To activate the Subpartner program, you need to contact customer support or your KAM.

Requirements for activating the Subpartner Program

  • Have IB status (minimum Silver partner level)
  • Attract 3 partners (subpartners) who must be at least Advanced partner level.

Note: If you stop fulfilling at least one of the requirements above, the Subpartner commission will stop being paid.

Subpartner section in Partnership area in Back Office

After activating the Subpartner program, in Partnerhip area the Subpartner section will be displayed, which consists of 2 reports:

  • Subpartner list - a report that displays a list of your subpartners and the subpartner commission received from them for all time.
  • Reward History - a report that shows the subpartner commission earned from your subpartners within a selected payment period.
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