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New Trading Conditions – Made for Clients!

 – 2017.06.12
JustMarkets has never stood still since its foundation. Our team is constantly adding new services and tools for customers, improving the conditions, contributing beneficial bonuses and contest, etc. And today we want to present completely new trading conditions. Before they were chosen, our analysts had made a great research of the market and customer requirements. As the result of it, every trader will have an opportunity to choose the account type which will be perfectly suitable for his strategy. Moreover, with new analytical section on our website, the trading process will become easier. There is no necessity to seek for technical analysis, important economic news and currency forecasts anywhere else, all this and even more valuable information for trading can be found right at JustMarkets website. It is absolutely free and available for all site visitors.

Let's have a detailed look at the new account types. Every trader can choose one or even several out of four available accounts: Cent, Mini, Standard and ECN Zero. With Cent accounts you need 100 times less margin than with standard ones. It is a significant advantage if you want to test a trading strategy or do not have much money for trading. The main features of this account are floating spreads from 0.3 pip, a maximum leverage of 1:1000 which is accounted according to the equity in USD, no commission and minimum deposit. If you have tried everything you wanted on Cent account, you have a chance to get to the next trading level with Mini or Standard accounts. These accounts are partially similar, but still each of them has its own gains. Mini account is appropriate for those traders who have a limited amount of money, as there is no min deposit on it, the spreads start from 0.3 pip and a maximum leverage is 1:3000. In case you are ready to deposit your account with at least 100 USD, Standard account will be more advantageous choice for you with its floating spreads from 0.1 pip and a maximum leverage of 1:3000.

For those traders who want to feel every market movement, prefer the dynamic trading process, JustMarkets created ECN Zero accounts. This account type has floating spreads from 0 pip, you get the spreads right from the market to your terminal. The maximum leverage on these accounts is 1:500 and the minimum deposit is 500 USD. Low, clear and competitive commissions make the process of earning simpler and more convenient.

Choosing any of the account indicated above traders should not forget about risk and money management. The Forex market is volatile and the prices are unstable, especially during economic news releases. Due to this fact, every Monday JustMarkets analytical team prepares the review of the most important news and events for traders. New trading conditions and analytical section on the website are targeted to make the trading process more obvious and enjoyable. We hope that you will appreciate all the improvements!