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Important Information: MetaTrader Servers Name Change- December, 23, 2023

 – 2023.12.21
Equity Range for 1:1000 Leverage Expanded
Dear Clients!
We want to inform you that our technical team will perform scheduled maintenance on the client area on December 23 between 11:00 and 18:00 (GMT +2). MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms may be temporarily unavailable at that time.
Clients using the web version of МТ4 or МТ5 platforms will need to update and reconnect their accounts to the server with new names:
For MT5 accounts:
Old name New name
Justforex-Live Justmarkets-Live
Justforex-Demo Justmarkets-Demo
For MT4 accounts:
Old name New name
JustForex-Live JustMarkets-Live
JustForex-Live2 JustMarkets-Live2
JustForex-Live3 JustMarkets-Live3
JustForex-Live4 JustMarkets-Live4
JustForex-Live5 JustMarkets-Live5
JustForex-Demo JustMarkets-Demo
To do this, reinstall an MT4 or MT5 terminal from our website.
If you want to keep your login permissions for the new MetaTrader5 terminal please do the following:
  • Click the File tab on the old MetaTrader5 terminal and choose Open Data Folder;
  • In the folder that opens, open the folder Config;
  • Copy all files in the Config folder on the old MetaTrader5 terminal and pass them to the Config folder on the new MetaTrader5 terminal.
For Mobile Platforms
Clients using МТ4 or МТ5 mobile terminals will need to update and reconnect their accounts to the server with these new names, too.
Please do the following:
  • Launch the MetaTrader mobile terminal.
  • Go to the Settings - About tab.
  • Press and hold the MetaTrader logo until your device vibrates.
The list of servers will be updated in a few seconds. You can verify this through the journal. After that, you will be able to log in to your trading account.
Desktop Terminal Mobile iOS MT5 Mobile Android MT5
Desktop Terminal Mobile iOS Mobile Android
If any questions occur regarding upcoming changes or you have problems with trading accounts connection, please contact Support.
Best regards,
JustMarkets team