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Exploring the Partner Area


In this area, you will be greeted with a few items such as:

  • Balance
  • Your Partner Link
  • FAQ
  • Partner commission information

This is the default area presented when you log in. Apart from your balance, this area also allows you to view your Partner commission information and your partner link.



Balance shows your total balance in your partner account and the total amount of commissions earned in USD below. You can make a withdrawal by clicking on the withdrawal button.

Your Partner Link


You can find your partner link here. Click on Partner code to view the code.



Click on the link to find answers to frequently asked questions that will help you as a Member.

Partner commission information


In this section, you can view a summary of your earned rewards. It displays your current partner level, the next and final partner level, the commission qualification period, and the qualification criteria.

Explore the Partner commission information panel to learn more about the information displayed.


Reports are essential for tracking your attracted clients, transactions, and overall performance. Here are the types of reports available:

Client List

This tool will let you search every attracted client linked to your account. You can view information such as their client ID, client country, account type, the date the client registered, total trading volume, total profit, received from an attracted client.

Reward History

This report details the partner commission earned from trading volume of your clients. Information such as the payment date of partner commission, account number, the account type, the trading volume, and profit in USD within a selected payment period.

Clicking on a transaction will open up a report “Client transactions” with more details such as the currency pair traded, the volume traded, and the commission credited. You can also view the breakdown of how the commission was calculated.

Client transactions

This report displays information regarding all the closed positions from all your clients. You can view the date of order, instrument type, trading volume, profit made and the breakdown of how the commission was calculated.

Transactions pending payment

This section displays the trades performed by your clients after the last commission payment cycle.


This feature allows you to pay a portion of your rewards back to your clients. We recommend reading the articles All about the rebate system and Exploring the rebates area to better understand how rebates work. To better navigate rebates, read How to manage rebates.

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