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All about the rebate system

Our rebate system allows all Partners in the Introducing Brokers Program to pay a portion of their IB revenue (up to 100%) back to their attracted clients. As a Partner, you can decide which attracted clients you wish to pay rebates to, and at what rate.

Note: To activate the rebates, you need to contact customer support or your KAM manager.

How much rebate can I pay back?

The rebate percentage can be set to be anything between 0% and 100%.

Managing rebate

Log in to your Back Office - Partnership - Attracted clients to set up rebates. It is possible to assign rebates individually or set up default settings to make managing rebates more convenient for you.

Payment schedule

Rebates are paid daily to the selected attracted clients who have closed trades within the last 24 hours.

Once rebates are set up from your Back Office, rebates will be automatically calculated for the selected attracted clients every time you receive rewards. Rebates will then be automatically distributed for specific attracted clients.


Rebates cannot be set up for the below accounts:

  • CT_Investor_Pro
  • CT_Investor_Standard
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