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JustMarkets Debut Seminar — Exclusive with Arash and Rezza

 – 2024.02.12
Celebrate the year of the Dragon with JustMarkets
Dear Clients!
We are thrilled to unveil an unparalleled opportunity for our trading community – the JustMarkets Debut Seminar 2024, an exclusive event graced by the presence of our esteemed partners, Rezza & Arash. Mark your calendars for March 9, 2024, and prepare for a transformative experience in the realm of the financial sphere.

Event Highlights

Join us for a busy day of:
  • Informative training;
  • Invaluable networking opportunities;
  • Exciting workshop giveaway;
  • Plenty of prizes;
  • …and much more!

Unlock Your Path to Participation

The journey to securing your spot at this coveted seminar begins with our special contest running from February 13 to March 3, 2024. To qualify for an invitation, ensure you have at least one verified JustMarkets real trading account. Register your account for the contest using a unique nickname in the "Bonuses and Promotions" section under the "Participate in Contest" tab.

Ticket Tiers:

  • Standard Ticket: Make sure that your account that you register for the contest has a balance of at least USD 100 (or currency equivalent) in it. Achieve a minimum trading volume of 1 lot to qualify.
  • VIP Ticket: Make sure that your account that you register for the contest has a balance of at least USD 300 (or currency equivalent) in it. Achieve a minimum trading volume of 3 lots to qualify.
*Vip ticket unlocks an access to exclusive JustMarkets branded products, complimentary training materials from Rezza & Arash, and an additional lucky draw ticket.
The number of tickets is limited, so hurry to fulfill all the conditions to reserve a spot for yourself. After fulfilling all conditions, wait for confirmation from our side by a call from our representative.

Why You Can't Miss This

The JustMarkets Debut Seminar is more than an event; it's a gateway to enhancing your trading prowess, expanding your professional network, and taking home prizes.
Venue & Date:
March 9, 2024
Location: DoubleTree by Hilton, Putrajaya
Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Join the ranks of forward-thinking traders and secure your invitation to a day filled with learning, sharing, and celebrating the art of trading.
We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to this landmark event. Together, let's embark on a journey to new trading horizons with JustMarkets.
Best regards,
JustMarkets team

‘JustMarkets Debut Seminar 2024’ Terms and Conditions

The Seminar will be hosted in Malay Language on Saturday, 9th of March 2024 as per details below:
  • Seminar Date and Time: 9th March 2024; 10:00 - 17:00 (Local Time)
  • Location: DoubleTree by Hilton, Putrajaya

A. General Provisions and Attendance Eligibility:

  • Registration for the Seminar is open for all clients of JustMarkets who reside in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.
  • Qualification period is open from 13th February until 3rd March. No restrictions on the withdrawal during the qualification period.
  • Clients must be older than 18 years old, shall already have a verified real account, registered with a valid email address and phone number, in order to be able to register and participate in the Seminar. The eligibility and participation requirements, set out herein, apply and must be met.
  • To have a chance to participate in the Seminar, the Client need:
    • To have, by the time of registration, at least one (1) active JustMarkets real trading account with a total balance of USD 100 (or currency equivalent) for Standard Ticket and USD 300 (or currency equivalent) for VIP Ticket.
    • To register the trading account in the Contest, using a nickname in the "Bonuses and Promotions" section at the Participate in Contest tab.
    • To trade a minimum 1 lot for qualification of Standard Ticket while a minimum of 3 lots traded are needed for qualification of VIP Ticket.
  • Registration alone does not guarantee Eligible Clients a seat in the Seminar. Only Eligible Clients whose registration has been confirmed by JustMarkets via telephone call and email will have the chance to attend the Seminar.
  • Invitation email will be sent for qualified clients after the invitation call is answered and confirmed.
  • Invitation call will be done right after the qualifier period ends and the merit will be given on a first come first served basis.
  • Registration and Qualification period is open until the 3rd March 2024 at the end of market closing. JustMarkets reserves the right to close registration at an earliest date if no more seats are available.
  • One registration equates to one client, as the consideration is based on a ‘per client’ and not on a ‘per account’ basis. In the case where two or more clients use the same credentials, JustMarkets reserves the right to reject the clients’ registration form of the Eligible Clients who used the said same credentials.
  • VIP Ticket holders will receive a special merchandise by JustMarkets and FREE Education Materials by the invited instructor. They will also have an extra lucky draw ticket during the Seminar
  • All Eligible clients who will attend the seminar will enjoy a complimentary meal during and after the seminar.
  • Each client agrees that by registering for the Seminar they express their free, prior and informed consent for JustMarkets to process any personal data which they provide while registering. The data is collected and processed only to such an extent, which is necessary to administer and run the Seminar. JustMarkets shall disclose any data about registrants only to the stipulated in these terms and conditions.
  • By accepting the Seminar’s terms and conditions, the participants agree and consent to taking photographs and making video testimonials as requested by JustMarkets. The participants agree that JustMarkets has the rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming to only such extent as stipulated in these terms and conditions. The latter may include, but is not limited to, JustMarkets’ right to use the above-mentioned material for publication purposes on JustMarkets’ website and social media.
  • Each registrant has the right to withdraw their consent for processing of personal data and the material mentioned above at any time. The request to withdraw their consent can be done by sending a letter via email. However, such a withdrawal may at the discretion of JustMarkets result in the disruption, suspension or termination of the client’s registration, participation in the seminar and the removal of the winner’s entitlement to the prizes.
  • By accepting the Seminar’s terms and conditions, the participants acknowledge the Risk Disclosure available on JustMarkets’ website.
  • The Company retains the right, at its sole discretion, to replace the speaker with posting according update on the website.
  • The information provided by the speaker reflects their personal position and viewpoint and may not align with the official position of the company.

B. Lucky Draw and Special Consent:

  • Eligible Clients attending the Seminar (the ‘Participants’) will have the opportunity to participate in the Lucky Draw which JustMarkets will conduct after the Seminar. All the prizes will be announced at the end of the Seminar.
  • All lucky draw winners will be chosen via a Lucky Draw, after the Seminar on 9th of March 2024 and will be announced the same day.
  • If the Eligible Client’s trading account has been archived, the Company will request the winner to open a new one in order to receive the trading bonus. Regarding the prize (i.e. trading bonus) if the winner’s real trading Justmarkets account is not eligible to receive trading bonuses then he/she will need to open a new trading account which is eligible to receive trading bonus in order to receive his/her prize. To start trading on an account that received the reward, a client must make a minimum deposit on this account (from $10 depending on the type of trading account and payment system) or an internal transfer of $10 from the account where the deposit was made previously.
  • In case the winners are unable to utilise the prize(s) and/or if any of the reasons of disqualification occurs, JustMarkets reserves the right to withdraw the prizes entitlement and award the prizes to an alternative winner on the Seminar day, with the same conditions applied and following the same procedure (i.e Lucky Draw)
  • The Lucky Draw is not open to JustMarkets’ employees or relatives.

C. Reservations of Rights and Disqualifications

  • 1. JustMarkets reserves the right to reject any registration from if Eligible Clients engage in any prohibited trading activities, as described in JustMarkets’ Client Agreement available at the following URL.
  • JustMarkets reserves the right to disqualify clients who provided incorrect or fraudulent details during the registration of the Seminar.
  • All Eligible Clients are permitted to have only one registration (1) unique IP address. Multiple registrations from the same IP are not permitted nor multiple registration with the same personal details. In such a case, JustMarkets reserves the right to immediately exclude such persons from participation in the Seminar.
  • JustMarkets reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline registration of any Eligible Client for the Seminar and further reserves the right to prohibit any Eligible Client, who breaches these terms and/or any of the Client Agreement set forth in JustMarkets’ website at the following URL from registering and/or participating in the Seminar. In these circumstances, JustMarkets shall not be liable for any consequences of the registration and/or participation cancellation.
  • The Company reserves the right to change and update the terms of the promotion.
  • Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to the Company's decision.