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How to become an Introducing Broker

An Introducing Broker (IB) receives personal partnership conditions, such as higher partner commission, personal KAM manager, opportunity to activate subpartner program etc.

Reward size differs based on the account type of the client’s account.

IB Requirements

The first requirement is that your Back Office is fully verified. Once fully verified, the requirements for IB are: Have a total trading volume of USD 30 million during the last 3 months (Silver partner).

Within Introducing Broker (IB) status, there are 4 reward levels, Silver Partner, Gold Partner, Platinum Partner and Brilliant Partner. The requirements for each level increase, and the reward size increases as well.

How to apply to be an IB

Achieving the partner status of an IB is automatic for partners. Accounts of Partners and Advanced Partners are monitored regularly to check if they meet necessary requirements and their reward level is automatically updated.

Please note the loss of IB status is possible if the minimum requirements (level Silver) are not met for 3 qualifications in a row.

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