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Prevention of the Fraud Activity

 – 24/02/2020
Dear users,

Our legal department has taken fast actions towards the prevention of the fraud activity of the website that misled the clients. The domain was blocked as the scamming domain. We will also provide the confirmation documents regarding the fraud activity to the corresponding authorities and the further actions will be taken by these authorities of the country of origin of the responsible people.

Please note that the named scammers use the fake accounts using the names of JustMarkets employees. The telegram accounts @Kisel_Sergey and @SlavaBiletska do not belong to the company employees. The only official group of the company is this one (link to and the partner department channel (link to

In case you have the questions regarding the services of the company – make sure you contact the official representatives and use the official accounts and make sure the emails received are sent from the company's official emails.

We would love every client to have the best experience in the world while working with us and never become scammed by unfair fraudsters who try to mislead the clients.

Best regards,
JustMarkets team