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Take your trading to the next level with the most advanced charting tools available, for superior technical analysis

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Technical analysis done right

Technical analysis is more than just charts and predictions. The right tools bring you up-to-the-moment data, as well as make it easier to leverage that information to acquire new insights and make informed trading decisions.



Feature-rich, powerful and ideal for the most demanding of users, our state-of-the art charts update live in real time multiple times per second, so you never miss a beat.



Clear, easy-to-read visuals allow investors to take action quickly when time is of the essence. Next-gen mobile-optimised charting that beats the desktop experience — has you covered on the go.



Plan your trades with an array of interactive, responsive charting tools that help you invest smarter — 7 chart types, 50+ drawing tools, and 100+ indicators — then, save your favourite templates for easy access.


Never miss a trend

Indicators are powerful because they allow you to analyse the markets from different perspectives. Built on the basis of trading statistics, the analysis of changes in indicator values can help you anticipate future market moves and opportunities.

Your charts, your way

Chart layouts are a convenient way for you to save chart preferences. This includes chart types, colours, drawings, styles, and background. Templates include indicators and time frames applicable to the charts.