Boost period

After the partner attracts the first client, the Boost period is activated.

Boost period - this is the period in which the results of the trading volume are multiplied by 3. That means you can reach high levels 3 times faster. Boost Period lasts 3 calendar months. The 1st month may not be full if the Boost period was activated in the middle of the month.

During the Boost period:

  • only level upgrade is possible, you are protected from downgrading.
  • In the Partner area in Qualification progress, the banner “x3 Booster” is displayed and the trading volume is multiplied by 3.
  • After the end of the Boost period, the trading volume is no longer multiplied by 3, only the real trading volume made by the partner's clients is counted.

Note: Trading volume multiplied by 3 can only be seen in the Qualification progress on Dashboard page. All other reports display only the real trading volume made by the partner's clients.

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