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  • JustMarkets offers the best trading conditions to its clients, providing them with the necessary trading tools and strategies, low spreads, and flexible leverage. At the moment, account types with different trading conditions are available. It allows clients to choose the most suitable conditions to trade with.

    On MetaTrader 4, traders can trade on Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread accounts. On MetaTrader 5, Standard, Pro, and Raw Spread account types are available. The MT5 platform offers significant improvements in copy trading, mobile trading, and other innovative features.

  • JustMarkets offers clients to trade on the most popular trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  • During the installation of the MetaTrader trading platform, the limited list of financial instruments is displayed in "Market watch" by default. If you want to add or hide a symbol, right-click on "Market watch" and choose "Symbols" in the menu. Then expand the group of instruments, choosing the symbol and clicking the "Show" / "Hide" button.

    Besides, the trading platform also allows:
    • Hiding all symbols:
      Open the "Market watch" menu > Click "Hide all".
    • Displaying all the available symbols:
      Open the "Market watch" menu > Click "Show all".
    • Saving different lists of symbols and switching between them in a quick way:
      Open the "Market watch" menu > Click "Sets".
  • Select "Account History" in the "Terminal" tab of the MetaTrader 4/5 trading platform. Right-click on the tab and choose "All History" or "Custom Period".
  • Trading may be disabled because of non-compliance with minimum deposit requirements. The min deposit for Standard Cent and Standard accounts is 1 USD. For Pro and Raw Spread accounts, it is 100 USD. If there is not enough money, please deposit more funds. You can also open another type of account and make an internal transfer to meet the min deposit requirements.

    To open a new account, please log in to your Personal Area and follow the link.

    To make an internal transfer, please follow the link.

    If none of the recommendations above worked for you, kindly contact our Support Team.

  • We offer low floating spreads on all types of accounts and spreads from 0.0 pips on Raw Spread accounts. To learn more about JustMarkets spreads, please, visit Contract Specifications.
  • Leverage is a tool that allows trading bigger sums of money, having only part of the sum at your disposal. For example, with the 1:100 leverage, you can conduct a trade of the USD 100,000 volume, having only USD 1,000 of your own funds. Margin requirements and leverage rules.
  • A swap is a fee for the operation of a closing order at midnight of one trading day and its reopening at the close price the next day. With swap-free accounts, traders can keep open positions as long as they want, without adding a swap size to or charging it from the account. In this case, the result of trading can be effected only by the change in the exchange rates for a specific period of time.

    Swaps can be found in the trading terminal. To know the swap level, right-click on the Market Watch and choose "Symbols" in the context menu. Then select the instrument you are interested in and click "Properties". You will find swaps for long and short positions.

    Please note that we provide swap-free accounts for clients from Muslim countries by default.

  • Swap-free is a status of trading account where no fees are charged for overnight positions. This option is available for both Muslim and non-Muslim users.

    Muslim users get swap-free status on all accounts by default.

    For non-Muslim users, having swap-free accounts depends on their swap-free level.

    Account types applicable for this feature

    • Standard Cent
    • Standard
    • Pro
    • Raw spread

    Levels of swap-free accounts

    There are 2 levels of swap-free status: Extended Swap-free and Standard Swap-free. By default, non-Muslim users receive the Extended Swap-free level for all their accounts.

    Extended swap-free

    For clients with the Extended Swap-free level, swaps are not charged for the following instruments/groups of instruments: Forex majors, Forex minors, Forex exotics, Digital assets, Indices, Stocks and XAUUSD.

    Please note that swaps will be charged for other instruments. You can find the details about swap sizes on the Contract Specifications page.

    Standard swap-free

    For clients at the Standard Swap-free level, swap charges will be applied in accordance with the symbol specifications.

    How to change swap-free level

    Your account's swap status is determined by your trading activity.

    If a trader with a Standard Swap-free trading account demonstrates trading activity that qualifies for the Extended Swap-free level, the transition will occur automatically, without any action required from the client.

    Similarly, if an Extended Swap-free trading account's activity decreases, the trader's swap-free status will automatically revert to the Standard Swap-free level, without any action needed.

    For more information about your swap-free status, visit your Personal Area and check the Swap-free level section under your Profile. Please note that this page will only be visible for Personal Areas registered in non-Islamic countries.

    Important Points

    Keep these key points in mind when using swap-free program:

    • An algorithm analyzes the trading behavior of our clients to ensure they correctly use swap-free program.
    • It’s recommended to trade mostly intraday and have a low number of overnight positions to keep an active Extended swap-free level.
    • If your swap-free status is changed to Standard, you will be notified via email about the change.
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