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Partner Reward Structure

Partner reward based on account type

Partner level determines the size of your commission. JustMarkets offers a fixed per lot type of partner commission, which is determined by the types of instruments your clients trade.

You can check the size of the Partner commission depending on the type of account and the traded instrument in the partnership area in the Back Office .

Reward tiers and requirements to maintain them

Below are the reward tiers and the minimum requirements to maintain them.

Partner Level Total trading volume for the last 3 months (USD)
Partner No requirements
Advanced Partner 15 million
Introducing Broker (IB) 30 million

Note: The requirements shown above are only for Silver partner level. If you would like to know more about the requirements for the next available partner levels, you get in touch with your Key Account Manager (KAM) or customer support.

Partner Commission Payouts Schedule

Partner commission payout for our partners under the Introducing Broker program is made on a daily basis. The reward for orders closed on real accounts by attracted clients is calculated daily and paid within 24 hours. For example, the payout for orders closed on Tuesday will be made on Wednesday.

How to check your reward

In your Partner Area in the Back Office, your rewards will appear in the Balance area of your dashboard. Also, you can also go to the Partnership - Attracted clients or IB Statistics to view the full details of your rewards.

From your Partner account, you can either withdraw or transfer your rewards to your trading accounts.

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