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What is ARN?

ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) is a transaction number assigned to your transaction. It allows you to track its status in your bank. This number is unique for each transaction and is international proof of a successful transfer.

ARN is used to track the movement of a transaction on the way when it leaves the merchant's bank (acquirer bank) and is credited to the card holder's bank (issuing bank). The ARN code helps banks to get a fix on transactions and confirm their processing.

The card processor provides you with the ARN code in case the funds have not been credited to your card within 14 business days. If such a situation occurs, just write to [email protected] or [email protected] with the request to send you the ARN.

What to do with the ARN code?

Print the email with the ARN code that you have received, personally contact your bank, and ask the staff to refer you to the chargeback or disputed payments department. Explain that you have received the ARN and are waiting for the receipt of funds. We strongly recommend you not to contact your bank's online support service or bank tellers, as they are not trained to handle such requests and will not be able to help you. Such a request must be made in person, so do not try to send an email or contact your bank online.

If your bank is unable to find a transaction with the ARN provided, ask the bank for confirmation that an investigation has been conducted, as a result of which the transaction has not been found. Contact us with this document, and we will conduct a similar investigation on our side.

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