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Congratulations to the winners of the New Year Promotion 2016

 – 2016/1/6
Dear JustMarkets clients!

The New Year Promotion 2016 has finished and the draw has been made. Let us congratulate the winners:

1st place – 23425 – Shahrom Zainudin;
2d place – 21474 – Muhammad Rifat;
3d place – 23639 – Subhan Arifin;
4th place – 26735 – Tazul Adzhar Ishak;
5th place – 39834 – Nur Atiqahafifi Mohammad Said;

The bonuses will be credited to the balance of their trading accounts within 24 hours after posting the results and will be available for withdrawal or further trading.
Participants who have not gained from 1 to 5 places will get the T-shirts (for places from 1st to 3d) or key-chains with JustMarkets logo (for places from 4th to 5th). They will get further instructions on how to receive their presents via email in the coming days.

Here is the video of the draw:

Kind regards,
JustMarkets team