Manual for Verification Visa/MasterCard

Verified customers deposit trading accounts via all available methods, including debit/credit cards Visa/MasterCard.

To transfer funds from the card to the account, and vice versa, verify it using this manual.

  • Log into your Personal Area.

  • In the menu-box "Profile" open "Verification".

    VISA/MASTERCARD verification
  • You are redirected to the verification main page. Here you verify identity, address of residence and bank cards. To use cards as a payment method, fulfil the verification procedure consisting of three steps.

    In the section "Credit Cards Verification" click "Verify Now" to verify the card.

    VISA/MASTERCARD verify now
  • In the window "Uploading card scan copies":
    1. read the text to know what documents to upload;
    2. click the "Drop files to attach, or browse" button to find the appropriate file on your computer;
    3. click the "Send documents" button.
    VISA/MASTERCARD uploading documents
    • Please, see below what digits on the card should be hidden and the back side of the card must be signed. If you use a card without a cardholder name, also provide us with either a bank statement or online bank statement, which indicates your full name, first 6 and last 4 digits of your card. If you upload a screenshot from online banking, the URL of the page must be clearly seen.
    • For virtual cards, upload a bank statement with your full name, first 6 and last 4 digits of your card, expiration date and an ink stamp that confirms that you are a real cardholder. We do not accept statements from internet banking.
    • Please note: we don’t accept third party bank cards!
    Digits to be hidden
  • After this, uploaded documents will be displayed in the table at the bottom of the window with the comment "Pending".

    VISA/MASTERCARD credit card verification
  • That's all! The Personal Area Department will check card copies in a few moments! You can check the verification status on the verification main page.

    VISA/MASTERCARD document approved

When the verification of your card is complete, it appears in the list of available depositing methods in the window "Deposit" in your Personal Area. You can verify and use several cards. To do this, repeat the verification procedure with new card.

If you have further questions, or something does not work – please contact customer support: write in chat or to email [email protected]