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      • Enterprise value
      • Sector
        Consumer Cyclical
      • Employees
      • Industry
        Internet Retail, Inc. is an American multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is also one of the Big Five American information technology companies. Its capitalization already exceeds $1.5 trillion, and its popularity is only growing.

    3,003.95 USD
    -48.08 (1.58%)
      • Enterprise value
      • Sector
        Communication Services
      • Employees
      • Industry

    Google parent Alphabet Inc. is another Big Five that includes a search engine, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Worldwide known and is over US$1.5 trillion caps.

    2,596.27 USD
    -11.79 (0.45%)
      • Enterprise value
      • Sector
      • Employees
      • Industry
        Communication Services

    Another Big Five member and a company that constantly sets trends. Consumer electronics, software, online services, smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, earphones, etc. – it's all about Apple Inc. It's a top 1 ($2.74 trillion) stocks market capitalization, and so far no one is threatening to remove them from the first place.

    164.32 USD
    -2.98 (1.78%)
      • Enterprise value
      • Sector
        Communication Services
      • Employees
      • Industry

    Netflix, Inc. provides a subscription streaming service and production company. It offers a library of movies and series across various genres and languages. The company has over 221 million paid users worldwide. With a capitalization of approximately $176.91 billion, its stocks show great potential for investment in your future.

    377.38 USD
    -13.91 (3.55%)
      • Enterprise value
      • Sector
        Consumer Cyclical
      • Employees
      • Industry
        Auto manufacturers

    Electric vehicle and clean energy company design and manufactures electric vehicles, batteries from home-to-grid energy storage, solar panels and solar tiles, and related products and services. Tesla Inc. has a capitalization of $837.52 billion and there is only one question: How soon will it hit 1 trillion?

    821.53 USD
    -35.45 (4.14%)
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