Do You Have Your Own Audience?
Tell your subscribers about JustMarkets and get long-term passive income
JustMarkets launches a new partnership with bloggers, influencers, business trainers and webmasters
How will you earn?
Tell your subscribers about JustMarkets and share the link
When your client signs up, you will see the results of his activity in your account
Every month you will receive a reward for new and previously attracted clients
How much will you get?
Revenue share
up to 65% of revenue or up to $15 per traded lot
Loyalty reward
up to $2000 monthly
JustMarkets provides partners:
Landing pages and banners
in 19 languages, for any audience
High-quality 24/7 support
for you and your clients
Monthly revshare
transparent and fast payments
Extra rewards
loyalty program in addition to standard payments
Cool product
the variety of trading instruments and conditions
Promotions, bonuses, contests
new promo activities every month
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