Orders Copying – for Subscribers

How to become a successful trader and to earn on Forex without trading experience?

It is very easy! Create an MQL5 account, choose the signals provider and copy his orders. You don't need to participate in the process of trading by yourself. You keep the complete control over your trading account and will be able to turn down the copying of the orders any time you want.

The advantages:
  • Quick start – the period from registration till the subscription to the signals is about 15 minutes.
  • Time saving – automatic copying which doesn't require your participation.
  • Security – the subscription to the signals of different providers will significantly reduce your risks.
  • Profitability – beneficial trading conditions of JustMarkets: spreads from 0 pips, trading without requotes, execution of the orders takes fractions of a second.
How much can you earn for one month by copying the orders of successful traders?
Rating of trading signals providers

You can see the full rating of trading signals providers here.

The description of all the values:
  • Growth – the percentage of provider's income from the moment of the account opening (growth of 1140% means that the initial deposit has increased by 11.40 times).
  • Subscribers – the amount of people who trust this provider and are subscribed to his signals.
  • Weeks – the lifetime of the account (the longer the person is trading, the more reliable is the result).
  • Trades – the total amount of orders made by the provider.
  • Win – the percentage of successful orders.
  • Avg PIPS – the average earnings from one order. The more is this value, the more stable is trading.
  • Max DD – the percentage of the deposit which is risked by the trader. The more is this value, the more aggressive trading is. If Max DD is marked red this means that the level of risk is very high.

Let's say that your initial deposit is 10,000 USD. For the total period of your subscription to the trading signals of this trader you could earn: deposit amount × growth = 114,000 USD

The manual for signals connection