HK50 – Trade Hang Seng China 50 Index

Trading in currency pairs is only a small part of JustMarkets offers. In addition to them, we offer stock trading, as well as stock indices. Unlike currency pairs, indices are not so volatile and more often show predictable results. Of course, trading them is not as profitable as trading Forex, but if you want a safer tool, read how to trade HK50!

  • Spread from: 90;
  • Tick size: 0.10;
  • Swap (pips) Long: -6.00%;
  • Swap (pips) Short: -3.00%.

What is the HK50?

HK50 – aka Hang Seng Index – one of the main stock indices in Southeast Asia. It shows the state of affairs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by valuing the shares of the 50 companies with the most capitalization.

44 companies in this index are registered in China, so in fact, Hang Seng is a window that shows the state of China's economy. The Chinese stock exchange leader in terms of weight is the multimedia conglomerate Tencent, which is technically registered in the Cayman Islands, but in fact, is the main media company in China.

It’s interesting: Unlike other indices, the Hang Seng Index is extremely stable. Over the past three years, only one position has changed in it, when the real estate company Wanda Holdings was supplanted by the manufacturer of video surveillance systems Hikvision.

The index is written by Hong Kong banker Stanley Swan, who founded it in 1969. The index is maintained and updated by HSI Services Limited. The index is almost constantly growing and in 2006 reached the mark of 20,000 points.

What affects the Hang Seng Index?

The chart of the Hang Seng Index is practically independent of any external economic factors. The only "indicator" that can affect the growth of the index is economic or political problems in Hong Kong.

For example, during protests in Hong Kong in 2019, the index fell by 2%. On the other hand, it was little affected by the trade conflict between the United States and China, which began six months before.

Trading hours

Hang Seng is available on JustMarkets 5 days a week – from Monday to Friday. On weekends, the stock market is closed and you cannot open new orders on it. In addition, the index is not available during world holidays, when the stock market does not work.

JustMarkets regularly publishes news on changes in trading hours. Read them on our main page!

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