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If you trade only currency pairs – you do not know all the possibilities of Forex! In addition to volatile and unpredictable currency quotes, JustMarkets also offers more stable, understandable, and interesting indexes. Their prices move more slowly, and predicting their movement is easier. Let's look at one of them – for example, the French index FR40.

  • Spread from: 10;
  • Tick size: 0.10;
  • Swap (pips) Long: -6.00%;
  • Swap (pips) Short: -3.00%.

What is FR40?

FR40 is better known as CAC40 or France 40 and is a fairly influential Eurozone index. It shows the state of the French economy and is considered the main index of this country.

The CAC40 Index shows the success rate of the 40 largest companies registered at Euronext Paris. It is used to assess the state of the European Union along with such indices as BEL20, PSI-20, and AEX.

It’s interesting: The index got its name in honor of the first automated system for calculating the value of shares – Cotation Assistée en Continu. The system was launched in December 1987, and this date is considered the beginning of the transition of the Paris stock exchange to the digital age.

The index is updated every quarter by a special commission called the "Scientific Council". All changes are effective within a week after the meeting of the council.

The CAC40 index reached its all-time high in September 2000, at the peak of the bubble, when it reached 6,922.33 points. Currently the European economy is undergoing a small recession and the index is at the level of 5,000–6,000.

What affects the CAC40?

The chart of CAC40 is influenced by the main economic indicators of the Eurozone, as well as the main partner countries. Recently, he has been under intense pressure due to Brexit and political unrest in France.

If you trade France 40, consider these parameters:
  • Bank of Europe key interest rate;
  • GDP of the European Union and major contributors.

Basically, the CAC40 does not pay attention to small economic fluctuations. But major events – for example, a stock market crash or a protracted recession – may well affect him.

Trading hours

CAC40 is available on JustMarkets 5 days a week – Monday through Friday. On weekends, the stock market is closed and you cannot open new orders on it. In addition, the index is not available during world holidays, when the stock market does not work.

JustMarkets regularly publishes news on changes in trading hours. Read them on our main page!

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