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Subscribe to MQL5 trading signals with JustMarkets!

 – 15/04/2014
Dear JustMarkets clients!

We have a great news for you! Now everybody can become a successful trader with MQL5 trading signals service even without any experience in trading! It is very easy to use this service. In order to do this you need to create the MQL5 account, choose the signals provider from the list and subscribe to his signals. The detailed instruction you can find here.

The advantages:
  • You can subscribe to the signals of the provider very quickly and easily. After the subscription is made the orders will be automatically copied to your account and you won't need to participate in the trading process.
  • You have an opportunity to become the signals provider.
  • Any additional agreements shouldn't be signed up between the subscriber and the provider.
  • It has become easier to pay for the trading signals subscription. You get a wide choice of deposit methods by using the opportunity to deposit MQL5 account from JustMarkets account. You can learn more about the available methods at this page.
  • You get all the profit earned by the orders copying and you don't have to pay 30-50% of you profit to the signals provider as you'd have to pay for investing in PAMM accounts.
  • The execution of the orders takes minimum time.

Kind regards,
JustMarkets team