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La négociation sans limites

 – 16/09/2015
Dear JustMarkets clients!

We want to remind you that our company does not have any limitations on trading operations of our clients. You can apply any trading strategy you like:
  • scalping and pipsing: we do not set the time limit on holding a trading order, therefore our clients can use even extreme scalping on M1 timeframe. The result will be counted despite the duration of the order.
  • news trading: we allow news trading and do not adjust the leverage before important news releases.
  • autotrading: there are no restrictions on various robots and advisers. You can use any software you need for profitable trading.
  • hedging: you can hedge your positions in order to reduce your trading risks. Our hedge margin is 50%, it means that margin is locked only for one order.

Trade and earn with JustMarkets without limitations!