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A Guide to Forex Day Trading
Day trading strategies for beginners on JustMarkets. Day trading is a short-term trading approach that involves opening and closing one order within the same day.
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Position Trading
Learn position trading. Read tips on long-term trading strategies. What indicators to use? What instruments to trade?
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Carry Trade in Forex
Read about the Carry trade, one of the most popular FX trading strategies. The process of earning interest and associated risks explained.
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Technical Analysis for Beginners
Technical analysis is the forecasting of the future price movement based on the analysis of its past behaviour. Technical analysis helps trader find the correct solution: when to open a buy or sell position, and when to close it. The research of technical analysts is based on the price and on what is happening on the chart.
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What is Margin Trading
You may notice the phrase "margin trading" quite often in the financial world. It comes from the word margin – the pledge, which trader provides to the broker for the financial operation. Margin could be different, depending on the type of the asset and the broker's conditions. For example, for some liquid assets margin may be only 1–2%. This means...
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Money Management Methods on the Forex Market
Successful trading on the Forex market includes three components. First – a trading strategy that the trader uses, second depends on how he manages his capital and the last part is trader's ability to follow the rules, chosen by him, e.i. discipline. Each trader should use the money management. The trader must be clear about the rules of opening and closing positions for a successful application of the money management methods and...
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What is a Market-Neutral Trading Strategy?
A market-neutral trading strategy is an investment strategy that seeks to profit from both increasing and decreasing prices in different securities while minimizing the impact of general market movements.
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