What is a Forex VPS and what is it for?

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VPS - is a Virtual Private Server with an installed OS server. Typically, this would be a Windows Server. Without going into technical details, a VPS is a remote server computer located in a data centre.

What is a remote VPS server for?

If we consider only the Forex sphere, a virtual server is necessary for traders who use algorithmic systems (expert advisers) and for whom the speed of access (low ping) and the possibility of round-the-clock work are important. Also, a VPS server is necessary if the trader's strategy uses trailing stops (in MT4 and MT5 terminals, trailing stops work only with a running terminal).

Other advantages of using a VPS server :

  • Constant power supply
  • The VPS server will always run, even if the server loses power for any reason. Backup power supplies will be used including, if necessary, diesel or petrol generators.

  • Insurance against problems with Internet access
  • With VPS, you won't have to worry about losing your ISP connection or having Wi-Fi problems.

  • Insurance against software problems and overloads
  • This is another reason to use a VPS server. You don't have to worry about the computer being overloaded with programs, games or other software. Besides, if you intend to use EA around the clock or put in several trading robots without VPS, it will be extremely difficult.

  • Insurance against the interference of third parties.
  • You will always be confident that no one but you will ever touch your terminal. You will be insured against accidental unwanted interventions and viruses.

  • Technical capabilities, security, and manageability.
  • Isolated file system, administrative rights, a dedicated IP address, routing tables, and DNS.

  • Mobility.
  • Fast access to your trading terminal from anywhere in the world where there is more or less stable internet.

Why use a VPS server if you can use your PC or laptop at home?

That is a great question. Еverything can be set up on your own PC, of course, except a low ping. But if you plan to use a robot around the clock, it is advisable to upload it to a VPS server along with your terminal. In this way, traders are protected from the aforementioned problems that can hinder and reduce profitability. In addition, many brokers provide VPS server services free of charge, although subject to their own conditions.

What kind of conditions? These may include:

  • The size of the minimum deposit (or free funds on the account).
  • Monthly trade turnover.
  • Both deposit size and trade turnover.
  • Own tariff plans.

Many forex companies keep their servers at the Equinix NY4 data center in New York, which is home to more than 60 exchanges, more than 150 financial service providers, a huge number of liquidity providers, and bandwidth options. The second most popular data center is in London - LD5 IBX. Both data centers are considered ultra-reliable, and secure, and allow financial market participants to get low time costs by guaranteeing ultra-high speed order execution.

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by JustMarkets, 2022.12.20

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