How to Install MT4 on Computer Within 5 Minutes

MetaTrader 4 trading platform is one of the best programs for traing on Forex. In order to trade with a complete set of MT4 terminal functions, set the desktop version on your PC and organize a stable Internet connection. Brokers do not earn on the trading terminal, and you can download it for free from the broker’s or the developer’s site. How to install MT4 on your computer, please find out in our instructions.

How to install MT4. Installation directions

  • On the broker’s site find the exemplary name like “Trading Platform” or the corresponding button and click on the link / button to download it. MT4 files will be downloaded to your PC.
  • Open the installed file with the trading platform. Usually it is added to C: drive by default. The extension of the file is exe. The file`s name is likely to have the name of your broker. You can right-click on the tab with the downloaded file and select “Show in folder” or “Open”. If you see a security warning – just confirm the launch.
  • Read the agreement or take a risk to agree to the terms of the license agreement blindly. Click “Next”.
  • Start to install mt4
  • So, you have started the installation of the platform. When the downloading of files reaches 100% – click “Finish”.
  • Install MT4 License Agreement
  • So, you have Yippee! The platform has been recently installed! The shortcut for quick start will be created automatically on the desktop. Now select the server: Demo or Live. By clicking on the green circle with a plus, you can add data from another broker to the platform. So, you can switch between accounts of different brokers. the installation of the platform. When the downloading of files reaches 100% – click “Finish”.
  • Install MT4 demo or live account
    By default you will be offered to open a demo account.

If you have problems, do not hesitate – just contact the broker’s support team. It should help!

How to trade in MetaTrader 4 with different accounts at the same time?

Some traders want to manage with multiple accounts. There are two options on how to implement it

Install several platforms on PC

You can trade only from one account in the MT4. In order to trade on multiple accounts of a single broker or of different ones, you need to install МТ4 two terminals in different folders on your PC. Here is a step by step instruction:

  • Install the first trading platform, using the previous manual.
  • Create a separate folder for the installation of the second platform in the desired location on the PC. For example, on the same C: drive in the Program Files, where the first trading platform has been installed earlier. Let the first platform be located in the “MetaTrader 4 broker 1” folder, and the second – in the new “MetaTrader 4 broker 2” folder:
  • Directory for second terminal Metatrader 4
  • Download and launch the .exe file with the trading platform. Open the installation file, agree to the terms and click on “Settings”:
  • Install second terminal MT4
  • Near the “Installation folder” line, click “Browse” and select the recently created folder as shown in the Picture (in our case – “MetaTrader 4 broker 2”) and click “Next”:
  • Select Instalation Folder for Second Terminal MT4
    Install MT4 Choosing Pprogramm Folder for Second Broker
  • In the “Program Folder” line specify the name of the second folder
    ( “MetaTrader 4 broker 2”).
  • The installation of the platform has recently begun. Click on “Finish” after the platform loads on 100%.

Using the multiterminal

The multiterminal of MetaTrader 4 is a terminal for trading on multiple accounts simultaneously. The interface of this software is similar to the interface of the standard trading platform, and it’s self-intuitive for traders, acquinted with MT4. Multiterminal is perfect for the traders and managers, who manage with multiple accounts. However, not all of the brokers offer multiterminal.

I hope you have made sure that you can install the MT4 in a few minutes. Install MT4 properly, follow the news and learn technical analysis. I wish you a successful trading on the Forex market!

by JustMarkets, 2022.10.04

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