Earnings on the Partnership Programs

While looking for extra earnings on the Internet, each person tries to find the most profitable propositions of the partnership programs. One can start with more simple tasks, while another one tries to move to the more complex tasks immediately. But the aim is always the same – to get more knowledge to succeed and to earn more.

Introducing Broker (IB)

JustMarkets company offers to become a partner, to get a status of the affiliate or Introducing Broker (IB) and to start earning money. In simple words, an affiliate (IB) – is a person, who attracts the audience, interested in trading on Forex, and get the reward in case of following all the rules, which are set by the Broker.

The number of positive registration will be much higher if the attracted clients understand what the currency market is.

The sum of the reward can be either fixed or depend on the volume of trading operations, conducted by attracted clients. When you become the partner of our company, you should attract people who are interested in Forex trading, – this will allow you to get more profit. The number of positive registration will be much higher if the attracted clients understand what the currency market is. It will increase the number of clients who become the source of the affiliate income. In the future, each of them can become a successful trader and get unlimited profit. Wherein, earnings of the IB will also increase, since the IB receives revenue share during all the time the trader conducts trading operations or invest in the trading signals.

How to attract clients

There is a significant amount of the ways to attract clients, and everyone can choose the method based on his budget and preferences. It is much easier to attract clients, in case the IB has his Internet resource of the Forex or similar to this topic theme.

In case you don't have such resources, you can try to attract clients with the help of social networks, friends, or forums. Some partner decides to attract clients with the help of the teaser networks or advertising platforms. The most popular ones are Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct.

In each of them, you need to run the advertising message. Wherein, you have to write an excellent, catchy header and to describe the most attractive trading terms.

How to attract the clients

How to become JustMarkets partner?

If you have a desire to become an IB, you should do a couple of simple steps, which will allow you to start the work with our company.

  • 1. First and fundamental – the desire to work and to earn. Based on the calculations, you have already understood that possible profit is not limited, and the numbers depend solely from you.
  • 2. Register the Back Office with the company. Then you will have an opportunity to register as JustMarkets IB.
  • 3. The tabs with banners and the referral code will be available for you in the Back Office. With the help of these instruments, you will be able to attract new clients, the trading operations of whom will bring you the desired profit.

But, to start the long-term partnership with the company, you should understand that honesty is the key to success. So, there are some rules which you have to follow.

What you should not do?

For attracting the audience that is interested in Forex trading, and to avoid account blocking, the partner should use only "white" methods of the attraction. Namely, you shouldn't:
  • use the spam;
  • write false advertisements;
  • create sites, that would automatically redirect the clients to the site of the company;
  • communicate with clients on behalf of the company;
  • use other methods of deception of the customers.

by JustMarkets, 2017.08.26

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