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New Payment Systems Connected for Fixed IDR-USD Exchange Rate

 – 2022.11.09

Dear clients,

The JustMarkets team is constantly focused on improving the trading experience for users around the globe, in line with our main goal: to become the most client-oriented broker in the world.
We are pleased to announce that we have significantly improved our Indonesian clients' deposit and withdrawal process. We have connected new payment systems that provide a fixed exchange rate of the Indonesian rupiah to the US dollar.
The fixed rate is 10,000 IDR : 1 USD.
Thus, customers in Indonesia are able to deposit and withdraw funds at a fixed rate. However, the JustMarkets broker leaves the possibility of using dynamic systems that customers already use.
Important! All deposits made through dynamic payment systems must be withdrawn only through dynamic methods following the AML policy.
We hope the new deposit/withdrawal process will improve your user experience and provide more transparent and convenient trading conditions.
Best regards,
JustMarkets team