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New MT4 Trading Server

 – 2022.04.01

Dear clients,

JustMarkets is constantly upgrading its services to provide the best trading conditions for our clients. We have launched a new JustForex-Live3 server for the MT4 platform as part of the Company's strategy to expand its technical capabilities and improve our clients' trading experience. This solution will optimize our trading infrastructure, improve trading performance, and have a noticeable positive impact on all users through the increased performance and stability of the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Clients who already have MT4 terminal installed on their devices should note that they will be updated automatically in the background.

To install the MT4 terminal on your device, follow these links:

We plan to further improve JustMarkets trading infrastructure. Follow our news to be the first to know about the next updates!

Best regards,
JustMarkets team