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Official Statement Regarding Discredit of the Company

 – 2021.04.28

Dear Customers and Partners,

Recently our Company has confronted a massive attack from the side of a group of fraudsters from Vietnam, aiming to blacken the long-term reputation of our company. The spam-attack is carried in the form of publications and spreading of false information about the JustMarkets on different social media platforms, attempting to bring financial and reputational damage.

We call on you to deeply analyze and not to pay attention to misleading information posted on unofficial sources but to rely only on the official updates and news coming directly from JustMarkets Company.

We would like to recall that all departments are working in the regular mode:
  • Сustomer and Partner support is carried 24/7;
  • Deposit requests are processed automatically 24/7;
  • Withdrawal requests from trading accounts are performed as usual 24/7.
Kind regards,
JustMarkets team