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Important Commission Change For Raw Spread Accounts

 – 2023.09.18

Dear clients,

We wish to inform you about a modification in our commission structure for Raw Spread accounts.
Effective from September 30, the commission for Raw Spread accounts on specific instruments will be updated as follows:
$3 per lot/side will be applied to all Forex instruments.

$3 per lot/side will be applied to all Metals.

AU200: $0.10 per lot/side
DE40: $2.00 per lot/side
ES35: $1.00 per lot/side
EU50: $1.00 per lot/side
FR40: $1.00 per lot/side
HK50: $0.10 per lot/side
JP225: $1.00 per lot/side
UK100: $0.25 per lot/side
US100: $1.00 per lot/side
US30: $1.00 per lot/side
US500: $0.50 per lot/side
SG20: $10.00 per lot/side
CHA50: $0.50 per lot/side

Please note: For accounts denominated in currencies other than USD, the commission will be equivalent to $3 based on the current exchange rate of the account's currency.
We appreciate your understanding and commitment, and we continue to strive to provide the best possible service.
Best regards,
JustMarkets team