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Introducing Our New Improved IB Program

 – 2023.09.05
Our new improved IB program
Dear Clients!
At JustMarkets, we continuously strive to offer better opportunities for our IB partners. We are excited to introduce our new improved 6 level Introducing Broker (IB) program with partner commission up to $25 per lot.
Here are the details of our new IB program:

Getting Started as a Partner

It's simpler than ever. All registered clients at JustMarkets get access to the Partnership section in Back Office, where you can find already available Partner Link. Just share this link and start attracting new clients to JustMarkets!

Attracting New Clients

There are two main tools for our partners to refer new clients:
Partner Link: This unique link is a key tool for attracting clients. When someone registers at JustMarkets via your link, they automatically become your referral.
Partner Code: This is an alphanumeric code at the end of your Partner link. Partners can use it to attract clients, similar to the Partner link. Clients can also enter it in the field “Partner code (optional)” on the Registration page when creating their Back Office under a certain partner.

Partnership Levels

As part of the new Introducing Broker program, 2 partner statuses and 6 partner levels are available:
Partner status
  • Level 1: Partner
  • Level 2: Advanced Partner
Partner status
  • Level 3: Silver Partner
  • Level 4: Gold Partner
  • Level 5: Platinum Partner
  • Level 6: Brilliant Partner
Benefits of IB partner status: increased partner commission, access to the Subpartner Program, a personal KAM manager, and more.

Partner Reward

Partner level determines the size of partner commission. We offer a “Fixed per lot” type of partner commission, which is determined by the types of instruments clients trade on. Payouts are made on a daily basis. The reward for closed transactions made on real accounts by attracted clients is paid within 24 hours.
Table below displays the main trading account types and the maximum payout of partner commission per lot based on the partner level that can be received from these account types.
Our new improved IB program
You can check the size of the Partner commission depending on the type of account and the traded instrument in the Partnership area in the Back Office.

Level Qualification

To define a partner's level, we analyze trading volume generated by referrals for the last three months. Whenever a partner meets the requirements of the next partner level, it will be automatically upgraded the very next day.
Level qualification occurs on the first day of each month, as a result of which a partner level will be defined.

Boost Period

Boost period is the 3 month period in which the trading volume generated by referrals is multiplied by 3, so partners can reach high levels 3 times faster. It is activated after the partner attracts the first client. During the Boost period only level upgrade is possible.

Partnership Area

Partnership area contains 3 main sections:
  • Dashboard;
  • Attracted clients report;
  • IB statistics report.
On the Dashboard page partners can find their profits, current balance, level progress, Partner link, trading volume for the last three months and partner commission payouts based on the trading account type and instrument.
Also, partners get access to such reports as Attracted clients and IB statistics, where they can find the detailed information about referrals, received payouts and pending revenue that will be paid within 24 hours.

Rebate System

Our Partners, as part of the IB Program, can choose to pay a portion (or even 100%) of their Partner commission back to their attracted clients. Partners can decide which clients they wish to pay rebates to, and at what rate.

IB Monthly Reward Program

Additionally, partners can earn up to $2,000 monthly by attracting new clients and increasing the trading activity of the existing ones. By focusing on just two goals, partners can multiply their income and receive additional profits every month.

Subpartner Program

Subpartner program allows partners to earn an additional 10% from subpartners revenue. It becomes available starting from the IB partner status.

Low Spreads & Slippage Protection

To make it easier for partners to attract new clients to JustMarkets, we significantly lowered our spreads for all popular instruments. Also, we improved our orders execution, so now slippages will have a minimal impact on clients' trading experience.

We believe our new improved IB program will help to establish long-term relations with JustMarkets. Let's continue on this exciting journey together!

For more information, please contact our Customer Support or visit the Partnership FAQ section here.

Best regards,
JustMarkets team