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Analytics from JustMarkets – Only Exclusive Materials!

 – 2017.07.14
Analytics section Dear JustMarkets clients,

In less than a month after the launch of new trading conditions, we have already prepared pleasant news for you. Most recently, we promised to start up an updated Analytics section. And today we are proud to announce that an exclusive material prepared by our team of experts is available on the website.

We want to say a few words about our team and the content which they prepared. Before launching the section, we investigated the analytical reviews and articles available on the Internet and held polls among our clients. As a result of this multi-week work, it was decided to prepare analytical materials using own resources in the format and volume that our traders need, rather than to copy and translate materials from other sources as other Forex brokers often do. Therefore, our company has developed an internal department of analytics, which includes professionals in the field of the financial markets technical and fundamental analysis and practising traders with many years of experience in the Forex industry.

We introduce you the following sections:

Market Overview. This is a daily review of news and events from around the world. Now there is no need to study the huge amount of news that appears in the Economic Calendar because our analysts have already done it for you. Every day they make an overview of events that may influence trading instruments. All you need is to read this review and take it into account in your trading strategy.

Daily Forecast. This is the forecast for the major currency pairs, which appears on the site every day during the trading week. It will tell you the direction of the market movement, as well as the events that affect these trading tools. The section is perfect for those who prefer to trade majors, but do not want to waste time on carrying out technical and fundamental analysis. You just have to study the content and take note of it.

Price Action Analysis. Many experienced traders are aware of this technique of technical analysis, and possession of it is considered to be an advantage which opens new prospects for the Forex trader. Our analysts have studied the ins and outs of this (technical) analysis and confirmed their skills in practice. They monitor the formation of patterns on major currency pairs daily and quickly publish information on the site if they appear.

Chart Patterns. This is a method of technical analysis, which is used by most traders around the world. There are several dozen figures of technical analysis that you can independently study and apply in practice, or you can just use the materials from our analysts. With their help, you will save time and improve the technical analysis and trading skills.

COT Reports Analysis. The material in this section is based on an analysis of the COT (Commitments of Traders) reports provided by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). They make it possible to understand what positions the major players such as world banks or investment funds take, and thus to find out the direction of the money movement, which, as you know, is the engine of the Forex market. That is why our analysts love these weekly reports, analyze them and share their findings with you.

Also, we remind that, as before, JustMarkets clients can use the analytics from Trading Central, which is available in the Back Office, and add its trading indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform.

We are confident that our analytical materials will be useful to all traders, regardless of the trading experience, and will make the trading process more comfortable and easy. We wish you profitable trades with JustMarkets!