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JustMarkets meets the top partners in Bandung, Indonesia

 – 2015.10.20
Dear JustMarkets clients,

The past weekend October 17th, 2015, JustMarkets team organized the meeting with the partners in Bandung, Indonesia to discuss the questions of future cooperation, current situation and answer the questions that the partners might have had. JustMarkets team was also extremely pleased to have Mr. Herdiawan Permadi, Forex trader and the founder of the OneClickExchanger and co founder of FasaPay, Mr. Eddy Susanto.
The meeting point was the Bandung city. The team welcomed all the participants with the gifts from JustMarkets. The main idea of the meeting was the opportunity to meet with the partners in person and be able to discuss any questions that might have been.
JustMarkets representatives of the Indonesian team have held several presentations, providing more information about the company and the benefits of JustMarkets partner program. Many questions were asked and all the partners have received the full answers and have heard all the information they wanted to hear.
Besides the presentations, given by the Indonesian team, 2 guest speakers have also participated in the meeting. Mr. Herdiawan has shared the story of his experience in the Forex market and the important aspects that should be considered while working on the foreign exchange market. The closing speech was given by Mr. Eddy Susanto. The topic that he has touched was the importance of the account security and the way the account security is taken care in FasaPay.
This was one of the first meetings of such format, which, as the JustMarkets team hopes, will let to understand the needs of the clients and partners better and provide higher level of the service in the future.
Best regards,
JustMarkets team