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The EUR/USD currency pair has become stable after a prolonged rally. A technical correction is possible in the near future. The 1.1835 mark is local support.
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The current technical pattern on the AUD/USD currency pair signals a correction movement after a significant rally. At the moment, quotes are in the range of 0.6315-0.6360.
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The EUR/JPY currency pair has been declining after a continuous consolidation. The euro is still under pressure amid weak economic releases on business activity. Local support is the mark of 125.800.
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The dollar index moved away from monthly highs. Investors are focused on trade negotiations between the US and China. The "black gold" prices are rising. Today, financial markets of the US and Canada are closed due to holidays.
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Currency majors are consolidating. Investors expect additional drivers. We recommend looking for entry points to the market from the key support and resistance levels.
The US currency continued to strengthen against the basket of major currencies. The attention is focused on economic statistics from the United Kingdom and the United States. We recommend looking for entry points to the market from the key levels.
Currency majors are consolidating. The news feed is calm today. Experts are monitoring the escalation of the trade conflict between the US and China. We recommend looking for points entering the market from the key levels.
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