Week's main events (September 12 – September 16)

There are many Consumer Price Index (CPI) reports coming out this week for August. Germany, Spain, and the United States will publish their report on Tuesday, the United Kingdom will publish its report on Wednesday, France will publish its report on Thursday, and Italy, with the Eurozone, will publish their reports on Friday. Analysts forecast lower inflation in the US, while inflation in the UK and Europe is expected to be at the same level, although there may be surprises upwards.

Monday, September 12
On Monday, investors should be attentive to the economic data from Great Britain. Poor GDP and Industrial production data may encourage central bankers to be more aggressive. It's a bank holiday in China.
Main events of the day:
  • – UK GDP (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Industrial Production (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Manufacturing Production (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3).
Tuesday, September 13
On Tuesday, traders will mainly focus on the German and US Consumer Price Index data. Analysts expect inflation in Germany to rise by 0.3%, while the United States expects a 0.1% decline in CPI. Traders should also be focused on the labor market data in Great Britain.
Main events of the day:
  • – Australia NAB Business Confidence (m/m) at 04:30 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Average Earnings Index (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Claimant Count Change (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Unemployment Rate (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone German Consumer Price Index (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone Spanish Consumer Price Index (m/m) at 10:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone German ZEW Economic Sentiment (m/m) at 12:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone ZEW Economic Sentiment (m/m) at 12:00 (GMT+3);
  • – US Consumer Price Index (m/m) at 15:30 (GMT+3).
Wednesday, September 14
On Wednesday, all investors will focus on the inflation data in the United Kingdom. Experts predict that the CPI will remain at the same level or allow minor changes. But volatility in currency pairs with the British pound will increase. Investors should also be focused on the US Crude Oil Reserves, which significantly impact oil prices.
Main events of the day:
  • – Japan Industrial Production (m/m) at 07:30 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Consumer Price Index (m/m) atv09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone Industrial Production (m/m) at 12:00 (GMT+3);
  • – US Producer Price Index (m/m) at 15:30 (GMT+3);
  • – US Crude Oil Reserves (w/w) at 17:30 (GMT+3).
Thursday, September 15
On Thursday, there will be the Bank of England minutes of the last meeting. Probably, traders will not see any new information, but volatility on currency pairs with the British pound may increase. Traders should also pay attention to US Industrial Production and Retail Sales data. Some indicators of the US economy (Real Estate Market) are already pointing to a recession, so a decline in indicators may lower the dollar index.
Main events of the day:
  • – New Zealand GDP (q/q) at 01:45 (GMT+3);
  • – Australia RBA Governor Lowe Speaks at 06:05 (GMT+3);
  • – Australia Unemployment Rate (m/m) at 04:30 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone French Consumer Price Index (m/m) at 09:45 (GMT+3);
  • – UK BoE MPC Meeting Minutes at 14:00 (GMT+3);
  • – US Retail Sales (m/m) at 15:30 (GMT+3);
  • – US Initial Jobless Claims (w/w) at 15:30 (GMT+3);
  • – US Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (m/m) at 15:30 (GMT+3);
  • – US Industrial Production (m/m) at 16:15 (GMT+3);
  • – US Natural Gas Storage (w/w) at 17:30 (GMT+3).
Friday, September 16
The main event to watch on Friday is the Eurozone Consumer Price Index. Analysts expect the overall inflation rate in the Eurozone to remain the same. But there could be surprises. Rising inflation in Europe may encourage ECB policymakers to continue to raise rates aggressively, as they did last week.
Main events of the day:
  • – China Industrial Production (m/m) at 05:00 (GMT+3);
  • – China Producer Price Index (m/m) at 04:30 (GMT+3);
  • – Canada Unemployment Rate (m/m) at 15:30 (GMT+3);
  • – UK Retail Sales (m/m) at 09:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone Italian Consumer Price Index (m/m) at 12:00 (GMT+3);
  • – Eurozone Consumer Price Index (m/m) at 12:00 (GMT+3);
  • – US Michigan Consumer Sentiment (m/m) at 17:00 (GMT+3).

by JustMarkets, 2022.09.12

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